Why are you like this?


He was never sure of you. That is enough. Live your life without him. Reach for the dreams you want. Fuck him and his indecision. You might find someone who chooses you and is sure of you. You’ll find someone who lovea you like you. What you are looking for is not in this guy. You are not ‘it’ for him. This is not the big love story that you dreamed of. He will keep on hurting you. Stop hoping. He will never choose you. Open your heart to someone who does. Don’t give a fuck if he has someone else. Don’t. Find your story. Stick with that baby girl. Find your ‘it’. Stop wasting your time on someone who is not your ‘it’ you have years in front of you. Do not make haste. Sabi nga, “be still”. God will fight your battle for you. There is nothing wrong with you. You be you. Dream of something better. Leave him behind. You need to. It doesn’t matter. He will NEVER choose you. He does not LOVE you.  Stop that hoping. 


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