Petty? Maybe

I want my name removed from your project. Yes I helped, I edited the script and did more than that but I don’t want my name involved in any of it. It’s a trigger for me. 

Put your name in all my positions or just substitute my name for someone elses. You said you won’t and that it is still your choice but it is my name. I don’t want to be a part of any of it. I meant it the first time. You said you would respect my wishes. I really really really don’t want my name on it. I said fine you don’t want to remove my name but I won’t recognize that project. I am not even going to your screening night. 

I believe your success will ruin you further. This is why no matter how hard you try you don’t get to that level that you want. You change dor the worse everytime you get that taste of money and fame. You’re too proud. Too self centered. Too egoistic. A part of me wishes your success but i also do not want it for you. Does that make me bad? Every time you landed sonething big, you took a big step away from us. Career first over family. We were always the 2nd option. For that reason, i do not wish you well. I am jealous and envious of what you will become. You will find something better that you never found in us. I do not wish for your success. I used to pray for it. Not anymore.

I am so torn. This is so petty.


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