The problem that is you

Your parents are enablers. This is the root of all your attitude problems. You feel like you are entitled because of how they brought you up. You are a self centered prick.

You should strive to be the man you want your daughter to end up with. I am so disappointed in you.

You are not fit to be a parent at all. 😔 i thought you were different. You are one of those big mistakes. I should never have fallen for your sugar coated promises. You were never my partner.

It was never you and me. It was only you and me the silent supporter. I was so stupid. I still am stupid for loving you. I love you but I cannot be with you. I don’t want to be with you. I cannot be with you anymore because I love my children more and I cannot live with the idea as your fall back. I love you but I need to move on beacuse you are toxic. You are toxic. You are poison to my already broken mind. I hate the panic attacks. I thought I will never go through that again. Your support. Your assurance and your love was all I wanted. It was never about money. That was why I was so willing to give it all to you. That is also why I feel you owe me so much because I trusted you to do the best thing for US not just for YOU. 


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