The other side

Turn your cheek away and don’t care. 

It’s none of your business anymore and it doesn’t matter.

Focus. Focus on yourself and the dream you are building for yourself. Things will fall into place but focus on yourself first. Do not care. Build that wall around your heart. Teach yourself not to feel. It’s no longer important. Whatever you feel, it doesn’t serve you or your future or your happiness anymore. Dwelling will only drag you down. It will get better. It will fade away. You will rise up someday. What happens does not matter. You may have lost a part of you right now but it will be found again. Someday. Not today. Not this year. Focus on your goals first. Focus on the children. Focus on yourself. 

Fix yourself first. Do not listen to others. Stop procrastinating. Motivate yourself and move move move. Stop feeling. Start doing. Turn the other cheek. Don’t pay attention to them. It does not matter and it does not serve you or your sanity. Do not care. Stop feeling. Focus on yourself. Crying won’t get you your dreams. Fix that wall. Hide your heart. You still have it in you to smile. Smile! Hide behind it. The pain will go away. It doesn’t matter. It is no longer a part of your future. This will only drag you down. 

Stop feeling.

Stop thinking.

Just move.


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