Cloudy days and dumplings

I’m sitting alone at the corner of the fast food chain feeling sad in the middle of the laughter and loud chatter of the people around me at 9 on the morning because I want to avoid the ex today. I left the kids and him at home and let him spend a few hours with them without me looking on with obvious disapproval on my face. It is his birthday after all. He might throw a fit again like that father’s day tantrum he had and I am just SO tired, I just don’t want to deal with it.

Last night, he asked me if the kids could skip school so that he could take them out for lunch. I told him no because hey already missed a lot of days when they got sick recently. So I suggested dinner. And he said he can’t do dinner because he already has a date. That just pissed me off because he wants us to adjust to his sched. And he told the kids before he asked me so that makes me the bad guy because the kids wanted to skip school to go to the mall. Now it looks like i’m being spiteful and i am purposely not letting him spend time with the kids because i’m angry and I want to hurt him (according to him). He’s so manipulative.

Gaahhhhh this is getting old. I really really don’t want to deal with his drama and games anymore. I just want to move on dammit. It frustrates me and stresses me so much that I couldn’t sleep properly last night. He walked out on me and locked himself in his room to probably complain on how bitchy I am to gain pity for him to his new girlfriend. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

I need to get out of this situation. I need it. This feeling is just so fucking unhealthy. I hate being managed and controlled and manipulated.

I should really go consult a lawyer.


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