I need to get out of here soon

My lips and the insidenof my cheek still hurt from the way he forcefully tried to kiss me. His hand tightened on mu throat and anfinger at the side of my mouth to keep it open to his kisses. He spit inside of mu mouth and inspit it back. He kept tellibg me that he loved me so much and if I wanted him to kill me justbto show how much he loves me. He said He will never let me go. He says he loves his gf but he loves me too. Henasked me if i wanted we would get back together again and I said no. I told him i have a bf now too. He pinned me down and ordered mento shut up so i won’t wake my sleeping son.

For the briefest time, i thought that if he got his way with me, i will kill myself. For a second I thought i should stop struggling because he likes it. I fought. The metal taste of blood on my tongue is proof. The shaking of my hands is proof.

I am exhausted.

I need to get out soon.


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