Shut up brain

I received a txt from x a few hours ago.

Yep. abusive prick knows I overthink shit. He knows I won’t be able to sleep hence the txt at the late hour. I can’t work. My other relationship is being affected because I have to remember that T is not my diary. he does not have to hear every little thought I have. just because it’s bothering me it doesn’t mean I have to make him suffer too. So here. I am pouring my thoughts out here.

Why does it feel like it is my fault? I am so fucking tired of being strong. T told me he felt like he had no friends back at his place. I know how that feels. I have friends but not as close. I feel. everything and nothing at the same time.

Posting personal thoughts on FB doesn’t make a difference T said. I know that. but when you have this thing that is constantly eating your mind, don’t you just wish someone would hear it? I understand those personal thoughts on FB why people feel the need to air it out. why do you think I deleted the thing in the firstplace? I just wanted to let it out because it is bothering me and I can’t say it out loud.


I should start working.

I really should.

I’ll delete the stupid post. or make it private because Candy, who wants to hear all this shit about you?


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