I am codependent. I hate it. I hate that I am weak. I am trying though. I need this. I am trying to establish boundaries. This is so much harder when I have to consider the kids. It’s so hard being around their dad. The old patterns are just so easy to fall back to.

On a brighter note, i feel so happy that my kids are proud of me. I felt it with how they spoke of me and my phenomenal cooking to their friends. I love that they have so much confidence in me when I have none. I love that they trust me enough to get them through everything. It’s time that I look at myself the way they see me and not as their dad and his parents see me. In their eyes, i am the best. I can do anything. I am never the second option. 

I have 3

I may have lost one but I gained three. 


Whenever you feel down, remember that. That three is your stable. They are your foundation. You don’t need anyone else. Focus on you and that foundation. Build your dreams around them. Noone else matters. 

You may be lonely but this id more important.